Board of Directors

Gary Knibbs

Executive Contracts Manager

Gary Knibbs is a founding partner of the Drycon Group. A qualified civil engineer, Gary is a well-known industry professional with an abundance of experience in the civils industry. He is service and customer-oriented and believes in making and keeping the customer happy.

David Drynan

Executive Contracts Manager

David Drynan is a founding partner of the Drycon Group. A qualified civil engineer, David is an accomplished industry professional with over 13 years of experience in the plumbing and civils industry. He is dedicated to bettering already existing solutions as well as creating new innovative solutions that are industry compliant and eco-friendly.

Narlani Arjuna

Executive Finance and Administration Manager

Narlani Arjuna is the financial and administrative manager that ensures that all offers are dealt with in an efficient and effective manner. With a strong background in finance, Narlani ensures that all contracts and payments are handled correctly and completed within the stipulated timeframe. Since partnering with Dave and Gary in 2010, Drycon has developed subsidiary arms – Drycon Plumbing, Drycon Civils & Pipelines and Drycon Plant Hire – which has been testament to her effective management skills.

Helena Knibbs

Executive Administrator for Plant Hire Equipment

Helena Knibbs is the executive administrator for plant hire equipment. A strong background in management and inventory stocktaking, Helena ensures that all equipment is thoroughly examined before leaving the plant as well as when returned.

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